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Daily Updates
Rich Garden
Rich Garden 古北瑞仕花园
4Br 230sqm, CNY32,000
Gao An Road Old Apartment
Gao An Road Old Apartment 高安路老公寓
3Br 98sqm, CNY9,000
Yong Jia Road Lane House
Yong Jia Road Lane House 永嘉路新里
1+1Br 70sqm, CNY13,600
Wu Lu Mu Qi Road Old Apartment
Wu Lu Mu Qi Road Old Apartment 乌鲁木齐路老公寓
1Br 80sqm, CNY16,000
Yin Tao Golf Villa
Yin Tao Golf Villa 银涛高尔夫别墅
5Br 350sqm, CNY28,000
West Nan Jing Road Lane House
West Nan Jing Road Lane House 南京西路新里
1Br 40sqm, CNY14,600
Belgravia Place
Belgravia Place 华山丽苑
4Br 256sqm, CNY50,000
Shan Xi Road Lane House
Shan Xi Road Lane House 陕西路新里
2+1Br 155sqm, CNY29,000
Xing Guo road Lane House
Xing Guo road Lane House 兴国路新里
1Br 65sqm, CNY8,600
Gao An Road Old Apartment
Gao An Road Old Apartment 高安路老公寓
5Br 230sqm, CNY30,000
Heng Shan Road Old Apartment
Heng Shan Road Old Apartment 衡山路老公寓
1Br 65sqm, CNY9,000
Yanlord Riverside Garden
Yanlord Riverside Garden 仁恒河滨花园
4Br 182sqm, CNY25,000
Jing An Four Seasons
Jing An Four Seasons 静安四季
3Br 161sqm, CNY24,000
Top Of City
Top Of City 中凯城市之光
3Br 149sqm, CNY24,000
The Emerald
The Emerald 绿宝园
5Br 518sqm, CNY60,000
Jing An Four Seasons
Jing An Four Seasons 静安四季
1Br 77sqm, CNY16,000
Richgate 华府天地
4Br 445sqm, CNY100,000
Shimao Lakeside Apartment
Shimao Lakeside Apartment 世茂湖滨公寓
3Br 205sqm, CNY18,000
Xijiao Hua Cheng Villa
Xijiao Hua Cheng Villa 西郊华城
5Br 373sqm, CNY45,000
Lakeside Villa
Lakeside Villa 湖畔佳苑
5Br 413sqm, CNY45,000

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Sunny Garden / 新律花园 Hong Qiao map view
  • 1


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 2


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 3


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 4


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 5


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 6


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 7


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 8


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 9


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000
  • 10


    Sunny Garden
4Br CNY40,000

House ID: 12-0656
Changning District, Hong Qiao
4Br, 232sqm
per month
House Information
Complex Name: Sunny Garden / 新律花园
Property Type: Villa
House ID: 12-0656
Location: Changning District, Hong Qiao     [Map]
Layout: 4 Br
Size: 232 Sqm
Rental Price: CNY40,000
House Description:
Update By: 2012-11-29
Sunny Garden Description
Located on Hami Road, within walking distance of Shanghai Medical Center. Sunny Garden is one of the oldest villa complexes in Shanghai. All units belong to individual landlords so furnishing and decor may vary. Featuring spacious villas with private gardens and indoor garages, Sunny Garden represents good value for money. The compound is in a good location, with peaceful lanes and nice layouts. Most of the landlords have re-decorated their house in the past 3 years, so interior designs and furniture are comfortable. 24-hour management and security, international TV
Sunny Garden Facility
None available. All tenants can use the health club in Green Valley Villa next door. Membership of Green Valley Villa is negotiable
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Other Houses in Sunny Garden
Sunny Garden 
6Br  CNY45,000
Sunny Garden
ID: FK121224-21,  6Br/CNY45,000
Sunny Garden 
5Br  CNY40,000
Sunny Garden
ID: FK121224-15,  5Br/CNY40,000
Sunny Garden 
4Br  CNY40,000
Sunny Garden
ID: FK121221-108,  4Br/CNY40,000
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Regency Land 4+1Br CNY42,000
Regency Land
On Jian He Road, close to the Green Valley.
4+1Br / 435Sqm, CNY42,000
Yanlord Riverside Garden 4Br CNY36,000
4Br / 242Sqm, CNY36,000
Consul Garden 4Br CNY35,000
Consul Garden
Hong Qiao
4Br / 249Sqm, CNY35,000
Si Fang Xi Jiao Garden 4Br CNY35000-36,000
4Br / 260Sqm, CNY35000-36,000
Si Fang Xi Jiao Garden 4Br CNY35,000
4Br / 289Sqm, CNY35,000
Maison Des Artistes 4Br CNY36,000
4Br / 240Sqm, CNY36,000
Elegant Garden 4Br CNY43000-45,000
4Br / 350Sqm, CNY43000-45,000
West Wood Villa 4Br CNY42,000
4Br / 360Sqm, CNY42,000
Xijiao Parkson Garden 4Br CNY45,000
4Br / 285Sqm, CNY45,000
Ridgewood Cottage 4Br CNY40,000
4Br / 245Sqm, CNY40,000
Yanlord Riverside Garden 4Br CNY35,000
4Br / 246Sqm, CNY35,000
Yanlord Riverside Garden 4Br CNY35,000
4Br / 245Sqm, CNY35,000
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